Winfield Construction Accounting Firm

Keeping up with the changing needs of the construction industry can be a difficult task. As a result, business owners often require a unique set of accounting services. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company specializes in Winfield construction accounting. We work hard to deliver the strategies you need to build a thriving business. Our firm can respond to all of your accounting needs, no matter how complex.

Construction CPA Services


If you’re struggling to maintain your finances, then bookkeeping may be a natural first step. Our services allow you to maintain the success of your business while minimizing the time you spend on keeping your books.


Outsourcing payroll services has become commonplace for many Winfield construction companies. JSH has the tools and experience needed for efficient and accurate payroll and payroll tax processes.

Construction Consulting Services


We give business leaders the tools needed to make sound financial decisions. By strategically solving problems and planning for the future, you can focus your efforts on other areas of your company instead of worrying about your business.


As your CFO, we establish the proper financial structure and provide you with financial guidance backed by your company data. We do this on a part-time basis, saving you from the financial burden of a salary and benefits.

Construction Tax Services


We provide a complete range of tax planning, compliance, and consulting services customized to your construction company’s needs. With our tax prep and guidance, your business will pay the lowest tax allowable by law.


Throughout the year, our Winfield construction accounting firm looks for ways to minimize your tax responsibilities. That way, we can maximize your after-tax income and virtually eliminate any filing-related risk.

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