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In 1981, Steve Sager founded the Certified Public Accounting firm in downtown St. Charles to serve the Tri-Cities’ businesses and residents. With one phone line, one typewriter, a copy service in the building, a part-time secretary and his helpful wife, business was underway. Life was low-tech and simple.

Our first computer was borrowed from a client and had a very loud daisy wheel printer which had to be kept in a hallway for noise control. The first copier was also a loaner. But the reputation of personal care and respect of the client’s needs was becoming well established. Many of the original clients are still with us today.

On November 1, 2010, Sager, Haines & Co. LLP merged with Paul Jones & Co. CPAs. We continue to offer the same personal service that both firms prided themselves on.

Nearly four decades of experience has taught us that change is constant in our profession. Our annual firm development meetings have centered around the issues of IRS law revisions, technology, the growth of our clients’ businesses, community expansion, family financial issues, retirement and, of course, the graying of the Baby Boomers.

Along with the number of our clients and their changing profiles, we as a firm have changed and grown in many ways. With the progression of technology, the work in our profession has become quick-moving, while at the same time, becoming more complex.

We have mastered the balancing act of efficiency, speed, and quality to successfully serve our clients. Both large and small accounting firms have come and gone in the area but we have remained in control of our own growth, allowing our presence in St. Charles to remain constant and reliable. With our foundation firmly set, we can assure our clients we will always be personally available and responsive to their needs and concerns.

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