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Retailers face many unique financial obstacles that can impact their success. Overall, the retail experience has been dramatically transformed with the addition of online shopping. Stores that previously had one revenue stream now rely on in-store and online sales. JSH is a Wheaton retail accounting firm with scalable services. Our team provides specialized accounting services to brick-and-mortar storefronts and online shops.

Retail CPA Services


With so many transactions taking place throughout the day, it’s no wonder why the retail industry often suffers from unorganized books. We can take on bookkeeping to keep your financial records accurate, organized, and available.


You shouldn’t have to worry about payroll when you are focused on keeping your customers happy, maintaining your inventory levels, and managing your staff. We will handle the paychecks and tax withholdings for you.

Retail Consulting Services


Get on track for a better future with healthier finances and a detailed plan customized to your retail store. JSH will put systems in place to help you achieve your financial goals and remain profitable for years to come.


Not every business is ready to employ a full-time CFO. We act as a full-service financial advocate on a part-time basis. Our team can help you reach your full potential with guidance specific to the retail industry.

Retail Tax Services


Stop worrying about your store’s complicated tax situation. We’ll handle the preparation and filing. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company will accurately prepare your tax filing for state and federal income taxes.


Our tax accountants work with you to minimize your retailer’s taxes. We will work with your business throughout the year to implement effective tax plans and take advantage of retail-specific deductions and credits.

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