Wheaton IRS Payment Plans

Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is your trusted partner in addressing potential, current, or ongoing IRS issues. Our team of tax accounting experts has extensive experience in all aspects of IRS tax filing and issue resolution. With our dedicated CPAs by your side, we will actively manage and alleviate the challenges through Wheaton IRS payment plans.

Our specialists are well-versed in navigating the complexities of tax laws and regulations, ensuring your matters are handled efficiently and effectively. With a commitment to your financial well-being, we are dedicated to swiftly and beneficially resolving your tax concerns.

Our tax advisors can work with the IRS to get you on a simple, monthly payment plan to pay these back taxes over time. You may even qualify for an Offer in Compromise, making the payment of back taxes even more accessible.

Experienced Tax Advisors

Our dedicated team of tax professionals will meticulously review your financial situation and assess the specific details of your tax debt. We believe in tailoring our approach to your unique circumstances, considering the balance owed, your income, and other relevant considerations.

In addition to resolving your immediate tax issues, our tax accounting experts proactively safeguard your financial future. We address the challenges at hand and provide you with valuable insights and strategies to minimize your tax liability in the long term. With our expertise in IRS matters and personalized payment plans, you can regain peace of mind while we navigate the complexities of tax regulations on your behalf.

Offer in Compromise

The IRS Code states: “We will accept an Offer in Compromise when it is unlikely that we can collect the full amount owed and the amount you offer reasonably reflects the collection potential…” (Internal Revenue Code section 7122).

It is often possible to entirely and ultimately eliminate the taxes you or your Wheaton business owe– including all penalties and interest– at an enormous discount. There is no preset bottom limit the IRS will accept to settle your debt, especially if your offer is constructed correctly.

If done correctly, your debt may be settled for only five to 15 percent of what you presently owe. The key is determining the least amount the IRS will accept from you before you make the offer. JSH accountants have the experience and tax accounting know-how to identify appropriate offers and correctly administer the process of doing so, saving you potentially thousands of dollars and resolving your IRS issues once and for all.

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