Wheaton Construction Accounting Firm

JSH understands what it takes to run a successful construction business. In addition to your hard work and skill, your business needs to maintain its financial health regularly. However, busy schedules rarely allow for back-office work. As a Wheaton construction accounting firm, we offer a complete list of specially designed services to help construction companies and contractors reach their full potential.

Construction CPA Services


Ensure your business is profitable and on track. JSH performs bookkeeping to ensure your operations are contributing to your company’s growth and success. Our accounting experts tailor these services to fit your needs.


Employee payroll isn’t as simple as writing checks and handing them out at the end of a pay period. With our team by your side, you can feel confident that your employees are paid on time, correctly, and payroll taxes are handled accurately.

Construction Consulting Services


Every construction company’s success looks different—we just need to find what works best for you. By examining your current profits and financial data, you can receive a more profound understanding of your inner workings.


Every company needs ongoing financial guidance, but not every business can afford an in-house CFO. We provide executive-level advice on an outsourced basis. You will receive the benefits of a CFO without the significant investment.

Construction Tax Services


Tax codes continuously change, causing many business owners to miscalculate their taxes. Our tax experts will prepare your taxes accurately, and so you won’t be subject to any tax penalties.


JSH is committed to proactively approaching your taxes. Our team of experts goes beyond tax compliance to recommend money-saving strategies that maximize your after-tax income and minimize risk.

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