Tax Preparation


At Jones, Sager & Company, our tax accounting staff uses our considerable tax service expertise to help you to keep as much of your hard earned money as possible. We can create a tailor-made plan that takes advantage of the most recent IRS tax filing laws and regulations to help you minimize or avoid tax exposure. Our CPA’S and tax accounting staff will work with you throughout the year to help evaluate the tax effect of your personal transactions, so you are in the best possible position when it is time for tax prep.


Jones Sager Accountants are committed to helping you succeed from startup all the way through the sale or liquidation of your company. Upon startup, we offer business advisor services such as helping you choose your business’ legal form, choosing overall methods of accounting and bookkeeping, inventory valuation, and debt vs. equity capitalization. As your business grows, our small business accounting firm offers planning assistance and the filing of:

Corporate Tax
Partnership Tax
Payroll Tax
Sales and Use Tax
Multi State and Local Tax
Other business related Tax filings


We will always use our tax service expertise to take advantage of every relevant tax filing law and regulation to ensure that you incur the lowest tax liability legally possible; from thoroughly completing the correct IRS forms to in depth tax prep and tax filing. If you are facing ownership change or liquidation of your business, our tax accounting staff can offer prudent advice on taxes, reducing your liabilities to ensure a maximum return on your investments.