Schaumburg Wage Garnishments

If you owe several years of back taxes, you have a severe problem on your hands. You have an even more significant issue if you’ve received an Intent to Levy” notice. This is the federal government’s way of telling you they’re prepared to do everything in their power to reclaim what is theirs. This is the beginning of your Schaumburg wage garnishments.

The average taxpayer is not equipped to deal with the IRS on their own. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is here to help. We can communicate directly with the IRS on your behalf. Together, we will work quickly to negotiate a reasonable solution and payment plan.

Resolving Your IRS Issues

A wage garnishment is a debt collection tool employed by creditors. No debt collector is most aggressive than the federal government. Unlike regular creditors, the IRS does not need a judgment to start garnishing your wages. Even though the IRS is intimidating, you still have options and hope ahead of you.

Although the IRS will notify you before the garnishment starts, that doesn’t make it any less shocking when you get your first garnished paycheck. Imagine getting your stub on payday to find that the IRS has taken most or all of your check, leaving you with a couple of hundred dollars, or even nothing to pay your bills. The IRS will take what is owed, also if that leaves you without enough money to cover bills or expenses.

Additional Schaumburg Tax Services

The accountants at Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company are well-versed in the complexities of federal taxes. If you have an ongoing or complicated tax issue, our expert team can work towards a solution. We can get liens released, stop wage garnishments, reduce unfair tax penalties, file back taxes, and other issues.