Oswego Construction Accounting Firm

For many construction companies, outsourcing their accounting needs is the best option for their financial health. Fuel your business with the support and financial guidance it needs to thrive. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is an Oswego construction accounting firm with decades of experience. Our team has helped construction companies realize their potential since our founding in 1981, and we are here to assist you too.

Construction CPA Services


At JSH, we combine comprehensive bookkeeping services with the attentiveness you deserve from an Oswego constructing accounting firm. Our goal is to ensure your financial data is both accurate and up to date.


Payroll taxes can be confusing and challenging to manage, especially if you pay your employees every week. JSH can help you set up regular payroll processing and reconcile your payroll withholding records.

Construction Consulting Services


Plan for your growth and development. At JSH, we want to see your business succeed now and in the long term. We come to know your current financial goals and provide a feasible way to achieve them.


Receive a new perspective and executive-level guidance without the investment of a full-time employee. We will help you understand your business, financial data and make informed decisions throughout your company.

Construction Tax Services


Filing your company’s state and federal income taxes can feel like a daunting task. We take on this challenge to eliminate mathematical error, ensure your compliance with tax codes, and reduce tax obligations.


Our proactive tax planning helps our clients realize significant tax savings. We work throughout the year to find the best opportunities for clients instead of waiting for tax season to roll back around.

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