North Aurora Manufacturing Accounting Firm

Stay profitable and ensure the growth of your manufacturing business, no matter its current size. JSH is a North Aurora manufacturing accounting firm with decades of experience. Our specialized manufacturing industry knowledge allows us to provide tailored guidance for your business. We offer a wide range of services that help keep you on track. Our accounting team will be there for your manufacturing business when you need us.

Manufacturing CPA Services


Your future financial records depend on today’s bookkeeping. JSH will take care of your company’s books, so you never need to worry about accurate financial data.


Don’t let payroll leave you stressed or overwhelmed. JSH accurately prepares payroll on time, distribute it to employees, and handles income tax withholdings for your business.

Manufacturing Consulting Services


Bring out the best in your business by staying ahead of the game. JSH helps you leverage the right resources to put you on a track toward growth and enhance your overall success.


Our team provides the practical financial advice your business needs to grow. As your part-time CFO, JSH will guide your business and help improve your performance.

Manufacturing Tax Services


Business taxes are complicated no matter the size of the company. They require mounds of paperwork and extensive knowledge of tax laws. JSH stays current with all updates and other key tax provisions, so your filings are always accurate.


We focus on your tax-related needs today to make a more straightforward path for the future. Our team helps your company avoid compliance issues and get the best return possible with tax planning throughout the year.

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