Glen Ellyn Wage Garnishments

If you owe several years of back taxes, you have a severe problem. Although the IRS will notify you before the garnishment starts, that doesn’t make it any less shocking when you get your first garnished paycheck. This is the beginning of your Glen Ellyn wage garnishments.

The federal government’s concern does not lie in whether you have enough money to cover bills or expenses. Once the IRS has determined that you owe back taxes, they will notify your employer about your debts. From there, your employer will withhold a certain amount from your paycheck and send it directly to the government. In other words, it is no longer your decision to pay.

What is a wage garnishment?

Wage garnishment typically happens when you owe a debt to the IRS. Having your wages garnished means that not only can the IRS take money directly from your paychecks before you receive them, but your employer will be made aware of your debts.

The IRS has sweeping powers to collect on tax obligations. No matter how hard you plead with your employer, they cannot give you the money missing from your paycheck. You will continue to have your wages garnished until you pay the debt in-full or take another action to end the garnishment.

Resolving Your IRS Issues

If the government is already garnishing your wages, we can help negotiate a release of that garnishment. This often means you’ve experienced years of stress due to your tax delinquency. The tax experts at Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company are here to help you resolve your tax problems and end this trying time.

We can provide you with an active approach to resolving your tax debt and avoiding any tax-related problems. We can get liens released, stop wage garnishments, reduce unfair tax penalties, file back taxes, and other issues. Our team members will also keep you informed throughout the entire process.