Glen Ellyn Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes can be a significant challenge for your company, especially if you’re frequently away from the office. We make it easy for you to stay on top of them with our Glen Ellyn payroll taxes services. With JSH, your company remains in full compliance with current tax laws. We bring the necessary tools and support needed for successful processing.

The IRS is particularly persistent in collecting these debts; they can even go after the owner individually. Businesses are easy targets for the IRS and are exceptionally persistent in pursuing this type of tax collection. This means IRS officers have more latitude to pursue delinquent payroll tax accounts than individual accounts.

Tax laws continuously evolve, so it is best to rely on a skilled professional for payroll tax preparation. We understand how difficult it can be for busy business owners to keep up with all the paperwork and accounting associated with payroll.

Things to Know About Glen Ellyn Payroll Taxes

  • The IRS tends to focus on tax collection from small businesses, especially during economic recessions.
  • You can lose your business due to aggressive IRS collection procedures because IRS officers have unyielding authority.
  • They can padlock your business doors, as well as seize your machinery and equipment.
  • The IRS can contact your customers. If your customers owe you any money, these funds can be intercepted in the payroll tax collection process.
  • Not paying your payroll taxes can be considered a federal crime.

Failure to accurately report or pay these taxes can lead to civil and criminal penalties. One of the most significant issues you could experience is incurred fines. Missing a payroll tax deposit deadline will result in hefty fines. Other factors determining the penalty include whether you have made a payment, how late you are with that payment, and the type of error made.

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