Glen Ellyn Back Taxes

Few things are as stressful as owing money to the IRS. These issues will only get worse with time. When the collection process starts, they will unsympathetically collect from you, your spouse, and your business. Situations like these can quickly become hopeless. That’s why you need an experienced professional to handle your Glen Ellyn back taxes with the utmost care.

If you owe back taxes, know that you’re not alone. As a tax partner, we will do everything we can to resolve your tax issues. Our team understands that failure to file your taxes can happen for various reasons. You’ll never be met with judgment on your situation, only solutions. We’re here to help you resolve your problems with the IRS once and for all.

IRS Liens

An IRS lien can include all your assets, including real estate. We will work to protect your financial future and help you choose the best option for your unique tax situation.

IRS Levies

The IRS can levy your bank account and wages, creating economic hardship for you. They may release the levy once you establish a formal agreement to repay the debt.

IRS Audit Representation

Your auditor already has a game plan before sending the letter or notification. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is here to help with IRS audit representation.

IRS Seizures

The IRS will pursue your physical property if you cannot pay your tax balance. They can seize everything you own, including your home, car, jewelry, and insurance policies.

IRS Payment Plans

Turn to the tax professionals at JSH when you’re having problems with the IRS. We’re here to get your life back on track. We’ll help resolve issues by introducing a payment plan.

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