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Running a retail store is no easy task. It’s a fast-paced environment with constant transactions and ever-changing financial goals. Managing these unique financial needs can be challenging for any business owner, especially one focused on their customers, employees, and products. We’re here to help. As a Geneva retail accounting firm, we take a unique approach to traditional financial services.

Retail CPA Services


Your staff may be short on time, but that doesn’t your business can neglect its books. Your retail business requires accurate books to stay on track and measure sales. JSH provides retailers with high-impact bookkeeping strategies and accounting data.


You can count on Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company to accurately prepare paychecks and all the required tax withholdings. We bring the necessary tools and support needed for successful payroll processing.

Retail Consulting Services


As your company grows, it will face financial complexities that require more detailed forecasting. Our Geneva retail accounting experts will discover ways to increase your income and how to reach your business goals.


Increase your productivity and profitability. JSH will establish the proper financial structure for your company. Our team will then provide your company’s leadership with financial guidance backed by your company data.

Retail Tax Services


Business taxes require knowledge of complex regulations and tax codes. Make sure your company stays compliant with the IRS. JSH helps you navigate today’s complicated tax laws and help prevent any potential problems along the way.


You can count on our tax experts to form a strategy that will help your business keep more of its income. Our advisors look for ways to minimize your liability throughout the year, so you won’t be faced with any big surprises when tax season comes around.

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