Geneva Manufacturing Accounting Firm

As a business leader, you wear many different hats. However, being an accountant shouldn’t be one of them. You should focus on the core of your company instead of crunching the numbers. JSH can help you take control of your finances. Our team is here to help you stay competitive in a highly saturated field. We offer a complete list of services that surpass the typical offerings of a Geneva manufacturing accounting firm.

Manufacturing CPA Services


Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is ready to simplify your bookkeeping processes. We will handle your books so that you can focus more attention on your business.


Managing payroll is simple when you leave it up to the expert accountants at JSH. With our team, you can now dedicate more energy to fulfilling your customers’ needs.

Manufacturing Consulting Services


Growing and maintaining your business requires many unique perspectives. JSH comes to know your company’s financial goals, and we’ll help you find ways to impact your business positively.


As your part-time CFO, we act as members of your leadership team. We work directly with you to help your business become a more financially stable company.

Manufacturing Tax Services


Accurate tax filings and quicker tax returns are at the top of every business owner’s list. As a Geneva manufacturing accounting firm, we ensure your manufacturing business remains compliant with all state and federal tax requirements for a more efficient returns process.


We treat every season like tax season. Instead of leaving it until tax season, our team will work with your manufacturing business throughout the year to develop tax-saving strategies and find credits you are entitled to.

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