Fox Valley Payroll Taxes

When you’re running a company, it can be especially challenging to manage and keep track of all the required payroll taxes. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company ensures your company remains in full compliance with accurate Fox Valley payroll taxes. You can count on us to do payroll accurately and on time on your behalf.

The taxes collected from employees do not belong to the business and must be paid to the government. This includes local, state, and federal withholdings like FICA and Medicare. You violate IRS laws when you fail to pay these taxes on time or make mistakes with your filings.

However, these laws continuously change. That’s why it is best to rely on a skilled professional to prepare your company’s Fox Valley payroll taxes. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company stays on top of the latest tax laws and regulations. Our team can help you establish a regular payroll process and accurately prepare all items required by the IRS.

Things to Know About Fox Valley Payroll Taxes

  • The IRS tends to focus on tax collection from small businesses, especially during economic recessions.
  • You can lose your business due to aggressive IRS collection procedures because IRS officers have unyielding authority.
  • They can padlock your business doors, as well as seize your machinery and equipment.
  • The IRS can contact your customers. If your customers owe you any money, these funds can be intercepted in the payroll tax collection process.
  • Not paying your payroll taxes can be considered a federal crime.

Unpaid payroll taxes can have a devastating effect and usually cannot be removed until the IRS debt is fully repaid. When you don’t pay them, you risk the possibility of being shut down by the IRS and losing everything. The size of your business will determine the penalty you face. They prefer to seize your business, shut you down, and sell your assets at auction to satisfy the debt.

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