Fox Valley IRS Audit Representation

Receiving a notice from the IRS can feel like a nightmare. However, if you have already received your Fox Valley IRS audit letter, this is a reality that you must face. We understand this is a frightening time, but suffering isn’t your only option. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is experienced in dealing with the IRS.

The professionals at our firm understand the confusion and complexity our clients face with an unexpected IRS tax audit. When you enlist our assistance, we’ll be by your side throughout the process to quickly answer questions and resolve any tax problems.

Unlike in other law areas, the IRS thinks you’re guilty until you prove your innocence. As a result, many taxpayers are concerned about the aggressive questioning by an auditor. Most people are intimidated, and their fear gets the best of them.

Taxpayers often disclose unnecessary information, leading to more questions and unnecessarily elongating the audit process. Professional representation is necessary to be confident that you can meet the auditor’s requirements without dragging the process out.

Professional Representation

Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company offers full-service tax audit representation to help before, during, and after an audit. We work with our clients to determine their best course of action and provide support throughout this long, stressful process. On average, audits last two to 18 months. We start by reviewing your tax returns and searching for any potential issues. Most of the time, our clients never have to speak with the IRS.

Additional Fox Valley Tax Services

A worthwhile tax accounting firm will offer various solutions to your tax problems. Our team is ready to assist with all your Fox Valley tax needs. We can provide you with an active approach to resolving your tax debt and avoiding any tax-related problems.

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