Fox Valley Construction Accounting Firm

At JSH, our goal is to empower your company and allow you to make informed financial decisions for your business. Our selection of Fox Valley construction accounting services can allow you to reach your potential and improve your company’s processes. Most importantly, our firm has decades of experience and can provide your business with practical financial solutions that are also cost-effective.

Construction CPA Services


There isn’t room for missed receipts or undocumented transactions. Our accountants will ensure that your business stays on track with its books. We can help you maintain a clean ledger whether you have a small business or a startup.


You can count on us to do payroll on your behalf, both accurately and promptly. Instead of focusing your time on back-office work, you can now dedicate more of your energy to expanding your business and fulfilling the needs of your customers.

Construction Consulting Services


Plan for your growth and development with JSH. The accountants on our team are equipped with the skillset to tackle any accounting challenges. Not only are we highly educated, but we also possess a passion for helping our clients succeed.


A CFO will enable your company to execute its strategy while reducing financial risk. However, you may not be ready to hire a full-time salaried employee. We act as your CFO and provide critical financial insight on a part-time basis.

Construction Tax Services


Preparing your company’s tax return can leave you with more questions than answers. No matter the size of your business, we can help you navigate today’s complex tax laws and help prevent any potential problems along the way.


We believe in proactive tax planning for businesses because it is the key to successfully reducing your tax liability. Our team will examine your tax strategies throughout the year and determine the best approach for your company.

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