Elgin Construction Accounting Firm

Every construction company can benefit from the guidance of a financial professional. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is an Elgin construction accounting firm. We will closely work with your company to give you the financial guidance and support you need.

We provide a wide variety of accounting services specifically tailored to your industry. Together, we will put your business on the right track and focus on your long-term growth.

Construction CPA Services


With proper bookkeeping practices, your construction company can have a clear view of your company data, an in-depth understanding of your business, and see the results of the internal control processes you have in place.


An incorrect paycheck or inaccurate payroll tax withholdings can mean serious problems for your business. We take the stress out of pay periods by providing professional payroll services to Elgin construction companies of all sizes.

Construction Consulting Services


By examining your construction company’s profits, you can receive a more profound understanding of your inner workings. We come to know your current financial goals and provide a feasible way to achieve them.


Our part-time CFO services enable you to increase your productivity and profitability. We establish the proper financial structure and provide your company’s leadership with financial guidance backed by your company data.

Construction Tax Services


Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company stays on top of the latest tax laws and regulations. You can find significant savings when you have your company’s state and federal income taxes prepared with the experts at JSH.


It is never too early to plan effective tax strategies for your business. JSH can help you find ways to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your returns. You can feel confident in knowing we see every opportunity to save you money.

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