Downers Grove Retail Accounting Firm

Accurate financial data is critical to a well-run retail store. Each day, your store deals with countless transactions, making it challenging to keep that data straight. Our extensive experience allows us to offer services other Downers Grove retail accounting firms can’t. We understand what it takes to run a successful retail business, and we will help you succeed with expert financial support.

Retail CPA Services


Our services allow you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your company instead of your books. Our accountants will ensure that your retail business stays on track and accurate.


You can count on JSH to do payroll on your behalf, both accurately and on time. We can help you set up regular payroll processing and reconcile your payroll withholding records.

Retail Consulting Services


JSH wants to see your retail business succeed. Our team’s goal is to ensure you will sustain your retail business in the long term. We come to know your current financial goals and provide a feasible way to achieve them.


As your part-time CFO, our accounting team is there when you need us. Our team will be there for your retail business every step of the way. We provide critical financial insight on a part-time basis.

Retail Tax Services


Business tax laws continuously evolve, so it is best to rely on a skilled professional for tax preparation. With JSH’s Downers Grove retail accounting team, you will get your returns filed accurately and on time.


Reducing your company’s tax obligations takes planning throughout the year, not just when it’s time to file. Our tax accountants work with you to minimize your retailer’s taxes. We will work with your retail business to implement effective tax plans.

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