Chicagoland Wage Garnishments

You have received an “Intent to Levy” notice. This is the federal government’s way of telling you they’re prepared to do everything in their power to reclaim what is theirs. If you owe several years of back taxes, you have a severe problem on your hands. Chicagoland wage garnishments can leave you struggling to pay bills and cripple your finances long-term.

The average taxpayer is not equipped to deal with the IRS on their own. A robust and experienced tax specialist must confront the IRS for a wage garnishment. That’s where we come in. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is here to help.


What is a wage garnishment?

Wage garnishment typically happens when you owe a debt to the IRS. Having your wages garnished means that not only can the IRS take money directly from your paychecks before you receive them, but your employer will be made aware of your debts.

The IRS has sweeping powers to collect on tax obligations. No matter how hard you plead with your employer, they cannot give you the money missing from your paycheck. You will continue to have your wages garnished until you pay the debt in-full or take another action to end the garnishment.

Resolving Your IRS Issues

In most cases, wage garnishment is continuous, meaning that you are left with nearly no money to meet your necessary living expenses until the IRS agrees to release. Our tax specialists understand the complexities of wage garnishments, and we know the toll they can take on delinquent taxpayers and their families.

JSH’s tax professionals serve as a friendly and reliable defense against the IRS. We negotiate directly with the IRS for our clients, diligently working to allow you to receive your whole paycheck without fear of future Chicagoland wage garnishments.