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Running a retail store is no easy task between growing your customer base and keeping up with the latest products. Taking care of your finances is often the most challenging on a business owner’s to-do list. We’re here to help. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is a Chicagoland retail accounting firm. Our team of professionals is here to empower your business with a wide range of services.

Retail CPA Services


Your retail business requires accurate books to stay on track and measure sales. JSH can help you maintain a clean ledger whether you have a small retail business or sell products online.


For many Chicagoland retailers, outsourcing payroll services and tax duties has become commonplace. You can count on us to accurately prepare paychecks and all the required tax withholdings.

Retail Consulting Services


Our Chicagoland retail accounting experts will discover ways to increase your income and how to reach your business goals. We’re passionate about staying ahead of the industry and up to date with the latest financial strategies.


Our part-time CFO services enable you to increase your productivity and profitability. Your retail company will receive the benefits of having a dedicated CFO without the high cost of hiring permanent staff.

Retail Tax Services


Business taxes require knowledge of complex regulations and tax codes. As a result, preparing your own tax return can leave you with more questions than answers. JSH is up for the task, no matter how complex your retailer’s taxes are.


Tax planning and IRS compliance can be a complicated process, and they require a seasoned professional. You can count on our tax experts to form a strategy that will increase profits and help your business keep more of its income.

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