Chicagoland Payroll Services

Payroll Made Easy

Payroll can be a time-consuming nightmare for small business owners. It also happens to be one of the essential responsibilities of your company’s back office. Our team takes this responsibility seriously. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company offers a full suite of Chicagoland payroll services designed for accuracy and timeliness.

As a full-service accounting firm, we know that your employees rely on their paychecks. It’s how they put food on the table, support their families, and pay their bills. One late or inaccurate paycheck can put your employees in a tough spot and affect your reputation as a business owner. Instead of focusing on back-office work or stressing about a pay period, you can dedicate more of your time and energy elsewhere.

Each payroll period, your Aurora business will receive:

  • Checks and/or direct deposit vouchers
  • Check signing and stuffing
  • Time sheets and web entries
  • Tax deposits
  • Payroll reports:
    • Pre-process Report
    • Payroll Register
    • Cash Analysis Report
    • Departmental Summary
    • Deduction Listings
    • Tax Reconciliation

Payroll Tax Preparation

All employers are obligated to withhold money from paychecks to satisfy state and federal taxes. That withheld cash in your account can get your business in severe financial trouble, should you mistakenly use it to pay off debts.

In addition to our Chicagoland payroll services, we ensure that all payroll taxes are collected, reported, and deposited. You can feel confident knowing documents are accurately prepared and all necessary taxes are paid.

Payroll Tax Issues

Having trouble with your payroll taxes does not have to feel hopeless. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is here to help you resolve your payroll tax issues once and for all. Our resilient approach is based on efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to tackle these problems head-on and address them at the source.

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