Chicagoland IRS Audit Representation

A Chicagoland IRS audit is stressful and can feel terrifying for taxpayers. The IRS isn’t known for kindness, consideration, and understanding. As a result, many people cower away. Our most important recommendation is to face the problem head-on. Don’t ignore the issue—it will only get worse. That’s where we come in.

Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company provides professional tax audit representation. We will work for the best possible resolution that will result in the lowest possible bill for taxes, tax penalties, and interest. Our professional Chicagoland IRS audit representation will usually resolve your audit problem quickly and efficiently.

Your communications with the IRS must be appropriately handled. That means you must have all your financial documents in order, be ready to answer tough questions, and know the same tax laws as the auditor. However, this isn’t realistic for most people.

Our team members understand what information the IRS seeks. JSH can often navigate through the process quicker than taxpayers can by themselves. Not only does this reduce your stress, but it also ensures that the IRS only receives the necessary information. 

Professional Representation

If you’re being audited, working with an experienced IRS audit accountant is essential. JSH can guide you through the entire auditing process from start to finish. We have helped many clients successfully navigate through their IRS audits. In most cases, we can handle all communication with the IRS on your behalf. Our team will diligently work to minimize any tax liability or penalties you may owe.

Additional Chicagoland Tax Services

Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company can work with you to solve other tax issues that disrupt your life. We offer several options when it comes to fixing tax concerns. No matter what tax issues you’re experiencing, we’ll work hard to resolve your IRS tax issues.

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