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The manufacturing industry is highly competitive with its own unique demands. You must comply with complex regulations, deliver fast turnaround to your customers, and focus on creating better products at a lower price. In other words, you already have enough on your plate. You shouldn’t have to worry about crunching the numbers or staying current with your finances. As a Carol Stream manufacturing accounting firm, we offer industry-specific financial insight from decades of experience.

Manufacturing CPA Services


Outsourcing payroll is standard for many businesses, especially in the manufacturing field. Streamline your bookkeeping processes and focus on your daily operations instead of crunching numbers.


Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company offers cost-effective payroll services for your manufacturing business. We accurately prepare payroll on time, distribute it to employees, and handle income tax withholdings for your business.

Manufacturing Consulting Services


Take full advantage of new possibilities with Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company. We will identify opportunities to help you improve your bottom line and positively impact your business.


As your part-time CFO, JSH acts as a member of your team. We will guide your businesses at every growth stage and steer you closer to your long-term objectives.

Manufacturing Tax Services


Rely on a skilled professional for your tax needs instead of handling them on your own. Our manufacturing accounting staff prepares accurate tax filings, ensuring your company stays compliant with the IRS.


Our team is always searching for new tax planning strategies and ways to minimize your obligations. We will support your goals with expert tax solutions, mitigate risk, and navigate complex tax issues on your behalf.

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