Batavia Retail Accounting Firm

When running a retail store, it’s essential to work with a CPA with industry knowledge. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company is a Batavia retail accounting firm with decades of experience. Our team understands the challenges that come along with operating a store. We provide traditional accounting services and the financial management your retail business needs to stay profitable and competitive.

Retail CPA Services


Proper bookkeeping is the first step to ensuring your business is profitable. With JSH, you will receive a clear view of your company’s financial data an in-depth understanding of your business


An incorrect paycheck or inaccurate payroll tax withholdings can mean serious problems for your business. Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company provides a full suite of payroll services tailored to your retailer’s needs.

Retail Consulting Services


The accountants on our team are equipped with the skillset to tackle any accounting challenges. With JSH, you can focus your efforts on other company areas instead of worrying about making sound business decisions.


Your retail operations should contribute to your success, but it’s not always easy to run your business objectively. We provide an unbiased viewpoint to help you properly run your business and solve problems that occur along the way.

Retail Tax Services


You can find significant savings when you have your company’s state and federal income taxes prepared with the experts at JSH. Our team offers a complete range of tax planning, compliance, and consulting services customized to your retailer’s needs.


Through our tax planning services, we provide strategies and opportunities to minimize your tax burdens. Our team will examine your tax strategies throughout the year and determine the best approach for your company.

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