Aurora Wage Garnishments

Dealing with debt and the inability to pay your taxes is complicated enough on its own. Having the IRS harass you while you are struggling financially is even more stressful. If the IRS has begun to take action against you with Aurora wage garnishments, you have come to the right place.

Jones, Savarese, Harrington & Company has a long track record of helping both businesses and individuals resolve their complex tax problems. Our accountants are familiar with the rules that apply, and we’re confident that we can assist you during this trying time.

What is a wage garnishment?

Wage garnishment typically happens when you owe a debt to the IRS. Having your wages garnished means that not only can the IRS take money directly from your paychecks before you receive them, but your employer will be made aware of your debts.

The IRS has sweeping powers to collect on tax obligations. No matter how hard you plead with your employer, they cannot give you the money missing from your paycheck. You will continue to have your wages garnished until you pay the debt in-full or take another action to end the garnishment.

Resolving Your IRS Issues

JSH can negotiate the release of our Aurora wage garnishments. We can contact the IRS on your behalf and work toward an arrangement that will settle the debt and make your paycheck whole again. The payment plan negotiated by our tax advisors is always more favorable than any Aurora wage garnishment.

Additional Aurora Tax Services

We will draw on our extensive experience in working with the IRS. Together, we will develop the tax strategy that is most likely to succeed now and into the future. Our team is ready to assist with all of your Aurora tax needs.