Aurora Construction Accounting Firm

Construction companies operate in a challenging business environment. To be successful in today’s market, your finances need constant attention. Our specialized staff combines extensive experience in your industry with continuing education to ensure we are up to date on the latest accounting trends and opportunities. All of our Aurora construction accounting services are scalable, which means we meet your business demands as they change.

Construction CPA Services


We provide quality bookkeeping services with your industry in mind. Our specialized team takes care of invoicing, reporting, and other needs so you can focus your efforts on running your business and serving your clients.


Payroll taxes can be challenging to manage, especially for business owners who are frequently away from the office and onsite. Our team can help you establish a regular payroll process and accurately prepare all the required returns.

Construction Consulting Services


In such a competitive field, profitability matters. We will help you find ways to improve your cash flow through strategic business planning, minimize your tax obligations, and free up more of your income by streamlining your finances.


The bigger your business becomes, the more you require guidance. We help you save time and money with our outsourced CFO services. You receive the same direction of an in-house CFO without the investment.

Construction Tax Services


Our tax professionals stay ahead of other Aurora construction accounting firms with continuous education on state and federal tax regulations. We ensure your construction company remains in full compliance as these laws continuously change.


The JSH team will work with your construction business to implement effective tax plans. We come to know your business, provide proactive solutions and expert tax advice to minimize your concerns and liabilities.

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