IRS Seizures

IRS Seizure is receiving a written notice from the IRS informing you that authorization has been given to liquidate your assets in order to cover the tax due.

This is a bad day! But it can be avoided if we get involved soon enough.

An IRS seizure is the taking of physical assets and usually happens when IRS requests are continuously ignored over a period of time. When the IRS seizes your assets, they intend to sell them at auction as quickly as possible; frequently for less than half the value. It is a last resort for the IRS and it can be avoided if you get a tax accounting firm to help right away!

If you get a seizure notice, you must act quickly. Jones Sager and Company tax advisors can work on your behalf to prevent the process from continuing and begin to resolve your IRS issues. Of course, it’s best not to allow any IRS issue to get to this point, but if it does, you need Tax accounting experts helping you, or you could lose everything and more.